I hope the voters are smart enough to send David A home after that disaster last night. David H should join him - leaving all the high note accents to the backup singers is no way to sell a song. Now maybe we'll be down to only one David on the show.

Carly owned the place from the fan reaction. The audience was over the top for her. I don't think we've seen the best she can do but she's definitely a front runner.

I definitely think Chikezie should get props for picking a song and taking it somewhere. Amanda as well for getting the most out of a limited vocal range/style.

In the middle:

I enjoyed Ramiele's performance this week more than any I've seen from her so far.

David Cook had me feeling I was listening to a Dishwalla song rather than Eleanor Rigby - it worked reasonable well but at times felt like he was just masking his range.

Kristy's country version of 8 Days a Week did nothing for me, and I wasn't all that impressed with Brooke's Let It Be. Both were competent, just not impressive.

Jason needs to do something that shows he's not a one dimensional folk singer. If he fell we wouldn't care ...

Michael Johns version of Across the Universe personalized it a bit but never really kicked in. Same for Syesha's Got to Get You into My Life.

Sometimes I wonder if the performers ever think about the 1:40 minute formula in picking their song and arrangement. Because of the show format, you have less than two verse/chorus shots at selling the song and making a vocal impression. Playing it safe is not gonna do it.

So - to summarize - hopefully we lose David A and David H this week. And Carly is my current front runner to win it all.

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