So it appears that the Webber night wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Top 3:

David Cook: Not only did he do well, he was fantastic and completely out of his college rock style and sound. I was duly impressed with the entire performance and it was by far the most convincing of the night.

Syesha Mercado: She was excellent and it appears she'll have acting and stage opportunities in the future coming her way. She still only got lukewarm praise, proving my theory again that they're biased against her and nothing she does will get fair evaulations from the judges. Sad really.

Carly Smithson: She finished a distant 3rd to the top 2, but she turned in a reasonable performance.

Bottom 3:

Jason Castro: Worst of the night by a mile. Ack. He really sucked and it was clear he wasn't even trying. He had a total attitude.. quite unprofessional.

David Archuletta: Can this kid be any more boring? Every week he's a snoozefest and this week was no different. Major yawn.

Brooke White: Speaking of unprofessional, that's twice this season she's stopped a song and started over. Both were unprecedented. Lame lame lame. The sad part was I thought it was her best performance of the entire season..

David Cook is now miles ahead of everyone else. Syesha is a clear and strong second. The other 4 are pretty useless.. and yet we're going to be stuck with Jason Castro and David A. until the final 3 if the polls are correct. Very sad.

Should go: Jason Castro. Will go: Might be Brookes week.. but I fear it will be Syesha or Carly.


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