After going to the site and checking out the photos so I could get the names right and review the auditions in my mind I have come up with my top 10 list. It could change a little bit. But this is gut instinct and first impression by talent and commercial appeal.

My top ten! The first 4 in the order I think they will place. The last 6 in no particular order. ( This is an very early bet! It could change after watching them under pressure. )

TOP 10!!
Winner -CARLY
third BROOKE

(I think those 4 will make the top 5)

Rest of top ten
David A.
David C.

I think David A. Could make the top 5 but he is so young. I am not sure if that will work against him. Isn't he like 16 or 18? It's ok but I tend to think girls get picked more often in the top 5. Even if a guy does win Idol the girl Idols have sold more records and are more popular. Sorry guys! It's kind of that way. Girls like to pick girls because they want to be in their shoes and like to follow girls and sing their songs, and guys pick girls because let's face it. They might be HOT! haha! I knew Carrie Underwood would be the hottest best selling artist to come from American Idol. She is simply drop dead gorgeous. (heck my husband would leave me for her. lol just kidding! Even though she is his fantasy gal, I kid him about it. ha! He's not leaving!) Anyhow, Carrie is AMAZINGLY talented vocally. There is no way she would lose. I am just watching the trend here. Some of the guys that won have really not gone on to the top with their recordings and CD sales. But Kelly and Carrie have. That is why my bets are with another girl to win. Just for these very reasons. Attraction sells. Girls like girls and boys like girls. Okay.. I will shut up now. ha!

I could be wrong. But I thought it would be interesting to see how many I guessed in the top 10 this early on. You can check my post on down the line and see if I was fairly accurate.
This is fun!


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