I liked Danny exactly because he WAS flamboyant and he WAS willing to be himself. To stand out in the crowd, you're better off being a 10x version of yourself rather than any version of someone else. I thought Danny did exactly that. He wasn't going to win, but he did have a very big voice and probably had one of the very best voices of the guys. It wasn't that people were turned off by him because AI doesn't let people vote AGAINST people.. his problem was he didn't get people interested enough to vote. But I don't really have a huge problem with him going in the end. It certainly wasn't unfair as it was 2 weeks ago when Alaina was voted off. So far she's been the only singer to go who didn't really deserve to be on the chopping block based on talent and performance.

Chikezie and Amanda are on the bubble for next week. Kristi survived the battle of the blondes and if she keeps things "country" she'll hang around a couple more weeks. Amanda has to hit another home run to get over the hump. If it's 90's week, good luck finding a great blues rock song from that decade. Maybe Hard to Handle by the Black Crows. (Or was that late 80's?).

This season is weird to predict going forward because you have the battle of talent versus popularity far more than any previous year. David A., Carly, Michael J. and Brooke are clearly the 4 fan favorites so far even though I don't think they're the 4 best singers (Carly is the best of the 4 followed by Michael). For someone to penetrate that final four, they'll need a combination of consecutive show stopper performances and consecutive horrible performances from a front runner. I don't see that happening to David A. He's far too polished on stage (and he's perhaps the biggest veteran performer of the finalists even though he's the youngest). Jason Castro and Brooke need to keep choosing songs in their narrow ranges and focus on being performers more than singers. Outside that four, my dark horse candidates are Syesha (who I would sign to a deal today no questions... she's a star waiting to happen as an actress, singer, model.. the entire entertainment spectrum) and David Cook who I thought was weak going in, but was so impressive that he might be this seasons Daughtry and could slip into the final 4 over Michael Johns.

I do like that there's a lot of different niches filled by the finalists.. couple pop.. couple R&B.. couple Rock.. couple singer-songwriters... a country singer...couple bluesy singers.. should be fun.


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