Re: Danny N, I didn't have issues with his flamboyance or 'lifestyle' either [hey - Freddie Mercury is hands-down my favorite singer of all time], but his attitude and disrespect bothered me - these 3 people sitting there are RESPONSIBLE for you getting to this stage of the competition at all - they deserve your gratitude, and they are pros in the business who are trying, actually, to help you succeed.

Also something about watching him perform grated on me in an odd way. The best I can describe it is to compare him with Boy George - I could LISTEN to Boy George on the radio and really enjoy his voice and music, but I could never stand to look at him. I don't know what it was exactly, because he looks OK... a lot easier on the eyes than Boy George for sure. grin He was true to himself, yes. And there's a lot to be said for that - for being "10x yourself." [side note: I suspect that's what hurt Kady the most - she didn't seem to have a handle on who she was, which was apparent from her 1st audition. Could be Luke's biggest issue too. Confidence, and knowing who you are and what you want.] And Danny's voice is nice. But he was hard to watch, visually. I can't place it better than that.

I felt genuine empathy for him last night when he got the news, and I was sad he'd have to go home. I'm at the point where I don't really have anyone left that I "want" to go home.

My daughter is completely smitten by Jason Castro, BTW... she spent the entire 2 hours voting for him Wednesday! She loves lots of genres of music - and her other favorite artist is Mika - but I have never in her ENTIRE life seen her like this. It's really, really funny. She's not the kind of kid to drop over for any celebrity. She says a bunch of girls at school are the same way. So... say whatever you want about his vocal range or whatever. He's got *something.* I actually like him a whole lot, even though I can see the limitations vocally - but he gets FEEL into what he's singing. He's attached to the song he chooses and he feels it. I loved his version of Hallelujah.

Those of you mystified by Brooke and David A's popularity underestimate the draw they have with 5,000,000 other Mormons living in America (13 mil worldwide) who, like me, really like and want to see 'one of our own' succeed. smile Heehee.


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