Here is the way I evaluated last nights preformances: Who did I want to listen to again? Who did I bother to rewind the hard drive for? When Cook started singing Billy Jean, I thought he was crazy but by the end, I wanted to hear it again. Best thing all night or for several weeks.

Second, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but I loved the Lee Greenwood song by Kriste Lee Cook. OK I admit I like the song but I have never heard a woman sing it before and I could hear the quality coming back in her voice that has been missing since the auditions. She got a little pitchy here and there by she didn't strut around with that phony diva step that makes my eyes roll; and because she is very green, she will get stronger on tour. She still could make the top 5.

David A, Chikezie and Jason Castro all picked weak songs- were they born under a bad songwriting year or what? They have voice coaches- don't they have song advisors?

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