My take -

Order of comments goes with how I'd rank the contestants this week:

Carly finally picked a song (Blackbird) that shows off her voice and with the exception of a couple notes right after the third verse key change, she delivered. I think she could have sounded even better if she'd taken the key up a step from the beginning.

Chikezie (I've Just Seen A Face) is an entertainer and his voice is solid. He's really stepped it up. He also seems to be the only one who has keyed into using arrangements that fit the 1:40 format in a way that shows more than one side of himself in a performance. Only downside was he should've skipped the harmonica.

David Cook (Day Tripper) was strong. I agree the talk box solo wasn't needed - this is a singing competition after all. He is a rocker but it was a rocking performance that still showed off vocal talent.

David Archuletta impressed me tonight after his disaster last week. It was an overly sweet and syrupy TV/lounge delivery of a classic tune (Long and Winding Road) but he was effortlessly on pitch/time throughout. Maybe after last week he put in the extra homework time to deliver a polished performance.

Syesha Mercado did a lovely version of a classic.(Yesterday) I felt like she hurt her entertainment value, and possibly the strength of her vocal, by remaining seated with some poor posture throughout the performance.

Brooke White was utterly forgettable in her performance (Here Comes the Sun) Even her choice of yellow dress in front of a yellow sunshine backdrop made her disappear. The only good thing about this performance was that there weren't any disasters that would put her on the chopping block.

Ramielle Mullaby (I Should Have Known Better) seemed like she didn't feel the right key until she was going through the bridge for the second time at the ending. If it weren't for some of the folks I'm listing below I'd be ready to send her home.

Amanda Overmyer (Back In the USSR) again showed she can rock but did nothing to show you she could sing. She needs to leave but possibly not this week.

Jason Castro (Michelle) delivered a totally uninspired teeny bopper version of this song. No energy, no range, no emotion. The 13 year old girls screaming through his performance may disagree with me but when you take a love song like this there has to be something in the delivery to make you feel it.

So that brings me to the two worst performances of the night and one of these two should go home NOW!

Michael Johns (A day In the Life) picked a song that could have been a great choice. The song itself goes through changes that let you go from slow to uptempo to soft to over the top. He croaked the high notes, screwed up some of the lyrics, then didn't kick in the energy when the song gave him the opportunity.

Kristy Lee Cook (Hide Your Love Away) also picked a song that could have been a great choice. She seemed to be singing it in a key that was too low for her voice. If she weren't so good to look at and the only one who appeals to the country audience then Michael Johns would be safe.

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