David A: Missed his performance, but watched the video. I disagreed with Brian in the beginning (really enjoyed that Imagine performance), but he's right: breathy, one-dimensional. Was a decent performance (video wasn't the best).

Seyesha: I thought she had a very solid performance. Was surprised the judges seem to dislike her. She may have the best singing voice of the top 12. But, my wife mentioned we still haven't had a Fantasia, Melinda or even Jordin Sparks type "moment" yet.

David Cook: Stumbled along in the beginning, but found his range in the 2nd half. I have to assume he is the favorite.

Carly: One of our early favorites that just hasn't bought into the AI thing. Just seems like she is ready to go home. I noticed that she (finally) covered up her tattoos, so they showed her husband (the Maori warrior) a couple of times to make up for it. Those tattoos should have been covered up 100% since day 1, you have to know your audience.

Kristy: I thought she had a very good performance tonight -- my wife and daughter gave her the majority of our phone call votes tonight.

Brook: She has got to be the one to go this week. Someone must have told them to be feisty with the judges in the beginning and then forgot to tell that to win that you gotta go with the flow. My wife said she looked super nervous and missed an entire chord in the chorus (or bridge?). She should have let the band do the playing and concentrate on singing.

Jason: I was getting bored by this time, so I didn't pay too much attention. But I guess he did OK. hard to believe he made it into the top 12.

Overall: When the top 12 was announced, I thought that this was the strongest top 12 from top to bottom in any season that I have watched. Unfortunately, they all seemed bunched in the middle. I can't see any stars popping through. David Cook can be a front man in a rock band, though. After that, not much happening for me.


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