She's a pretty weak live performer.. but she has that label background and it's clear that in the studio she'd be great as she has a really nice tone. But man she sucks on stage badly.

Chikezie had zero chance of winning. So it's not a big deal to see him go. Until someone is voted off that could actually win, the next several weeks are going to be boring boring boring.

I agree that Syesha should be much more popular. I would still choose her over the other female artists to sign to a record deal. David Cook has surprised me.. but I'd like to see him do something actually original some week (instead of ripping off everyone elses creative renditions). And he's kind of a one trick pony. But then, all the finalists are. Does anyone left have any flexibility? Maybe Carly.. And Michael Johns is still under performing. He can take it up a notch.. or fall flat.. the jury is still out I think.


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