I think Simon hit the nail on the head when he said the guys would have an easier time than the girls this week. Its much too easy to feel the girls fall short by comparing their voice to Mariah. The guys out of necessity are doing a much different version of each of the songs.

I'd put Jason, Brooke and David A in the bottom three this week but I'm sure that's not where the voting will go. I'm guessing that they'll send Syesha home because she took on the tune that required perfect pitch gymnastics over a very wide range to sell. Degree of difficulty bonus points don't exist in this competition.

I'm not as cynical as Brian in thinking they are intentionally trashing Syesha's performances. I do think she keeps picking diva songs that have an incredibly high comparison bar. Yes she has the voice to sing tunes Whitney, Celine, and Mariah have done. but the judges and the audience seem to react better to a performance that shoots for 70 and hits 75 than one that shoots for 100 and hits 98.

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