AOL is pretty good on this stage. Last year they only missed 2 time.. the year before they were 100% correct.

I was surprised to see Amanda jump all the way up to the top half on AOL after bottom dwelling most of the year so far. But I think right now we're seeing who has FANS versus who votes on performances. It will change but I'd hate to be in the bottom 4 right now on AOL as it shows you don't have enough fans to really contend and you won't make up for it enough with performances. My biggest disappointment was Syesha in 10th. She's so much better than the bottom half that it's sad to see her bottom dwelling.. but that may already shoot down her shot at making the final 4 as a dark horse.

I also think it's time for Carly to decide what she is. Pop? Rock? Singer-Sonwriter? R&B? She's been all of those things so far. Rock is pretty crowded.. she may be better off becoming the Pop answer to David A.



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