Neil Diamond did a horrible song from his new album. It was really really really lame. And they had some british chick singing.. she sang okay but the song was also quite lame. And they didn't explain what relevence she had to the show. (Of course we KNOW what it was.. a promotional spot for an artist that Simon Cowell signed in the UK... ). AI has jumped the shark about as far as they can.. and I have a feeling it's going to get even worse before this season is over... I used to enjoy the show when they had reasonably talented singers on and at least when they weren't talented, they were interesting. These contestants rate very high on the boredom meter. And the blatant advertising that is supposed to look like something else (like a "design" competition for the Coke cups? WTF was that?) are wearing thin. And what was the 2 minute commercial for the dance show doing in the middle of AI? Oh yeah.. Simon Cowell and Nigel do that show too... sigh.

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