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...she wasn't the best. Yet Randy raved that she was. It just stunk of insider fixing. It does take a lot of work to spend 3 million promoting an album and only selling 300 copies.. perhaps they want to get that money back on her.


I agree that Randy WAY over-hyped her last week based on a decent, but not spectacular performance. However, if the label that made her CD back in 2001 is no longer in existence (she said they "imploded" or something), then getting that money back wouldn't be an option. You don't have to pay back a company that doesn't exist.

We'll see how it goes. If Randy continues to "pimp" her, then it will become very obvious quickly. Even if MCA still has a legal hold on her somehow (in violation with the Rules for AI), then someone would have to "buy out" her former contract. Randy is no longer with MCA, so would have to front that money.

IMHO, the main reason Randy might be pushing her is to get her on his own label. Maybe they could even re-release some of her earlier material with some production updates. That would save Randy a LOT of initial recording costs and be a better "business investment" then.

I heard that Carly will be the FIRST performer on Wednesday.