I think it's simply that she doesn't have a uniquely identifiable singing style or voice like the other two. I don't think any of us could identify her singing in say, 4 notes, like you could with many superstar acts like Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Beyonce, Whitney, Madonna, Mariah, Norah Jones, Enya, etc.

She's talented, it's just a matter of is she unique enough...

Look what happened when they tried to market Jordin Sparks in the pop/R&B market. From what I've been able to tell, she hasn't exactly been selling tons of CDs. I don't think Syesha is as good a singer as Jordin. She's also no Beyonce, so what to do with her?

I think Syesha would be great in a weekly sitcom, with music as a sideline for her. However, that's just my opinion...and we all know that opinions will vary... wink