Actually looking that the various Top 5's, I still think this is the weakest ever. There's always an R&B singer of Syesha's quality in the top 5 (Tamyra, Kimberley & Rueben, La Toya & Fantasia, Vonzell, Paris, Jordin, Lakisha, Melinda) and usually someone else who is the equal to or better than Mark Cook. Since the other 3 in this year's top 5 are horrible, I think every other year has at least 1 good singer in the top 5 that beats this year's top 5.

I simply will not accept David A as a great singer, or even a great entertainer. He's 100% boring and 100% monotonous as a vocalist. He has zero personality and even less than zero diversity. If he wins, he'll be the worst winner by a large margin, even over Taylor Hicks and Ruben, the two other weakest winners.

You expect 1 weak singer might slip into in the Top 5. (Nikki, Jasmine, Anthony were the weakest in past years). We've never had a Jason, Brooke and David A. all in the same year. The closest to it would have been Season 1 with Nikki, RJ and Justin). But when you have a Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra, they can make you forget the others pretty quickly. I don't think Mark Cook and Syesha are good enough this year to make us forget the other 3 pieces of dead wood.... David A. is the worst contestant ever with a real shot at winning...

warm up the shark folks and polish up the water skis...


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