I'll miss Alexandrea. She had an outstanding range to her voice, and she could probably learn how to use it. None of the others had her range.

I won't miss Jason Y. (Sorry...)
And if you could help me out, Brian, I'm not getting what was cool and amazing about Alaina. ??? I figured she would go soon. I couldn't really tell her or Kady apart, or remember what she or Kady sound like once they stopped singing - Kristi Lee, I'm working on, she's got the Amazing Grace voice. The other two seem so much alike to me it's been difficult (in my mind) for them to stand out from the crowd.

Wonder if some people voted for the wrong blonde. That wouldn't surprise me, either.

The ENTIRE Beatles catalog?? How on earth would you pick just one - and trim it? And that may not work out well for David A, who just wowed with "Imagine." Can he pick another one?

It'd be cool if somebody knocked the socks off "Twist & Shout."

Well - onward.


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