Asia'h, Kady, Danny N and Luke are gone. That was the right pick.

I think had Danny just sang and pretended to be a guy, he would still be around because he does have the pipes. Maybe he can come back next year as what he is, a girl.

Asia'h may have done herself in by the song she chose. When you have a whole decade worth of material to choose from, it seems insane to pick such a bland song.

I don't know how Luke lasted so long-probably because he is a nice guy. Resume: nice looking, pleasant, sings a little.

Kady, I loved hating you so I'll miss you. Bye Bye Kady...I said Bye Bye...Kady... you can leave now...Kady...yes, the doors on the left.

No, I'm just messing with you- Kady's just a kid (17 or 18 right?), and a very good actress.

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