Hey Brian, are we really THAT far apart? Points of agreement:

1. Kady & Asia'h will probably go home.
2. 2 of the 3 worst were Kady and Kristy (I added Brooke, you said Asia'h)

(LOL) Here's where I think you're smokin' what I passed on:

1. You say Amanda was one of the best 3, but then say she may go home (I disagree that she'll go home because of the VFTW vote). I think Amanda adds flavor to the competition in the same way that Sanjaya did - entertaining, but not that talented.

2. You say Brooke was one of the top 3, but agree with me that she's not that great. IMHO, she has a bit of that squeaky-clean Disneyesque personality that kind of grates on me. It's TOO much.

Is this fun or what? smile