Hey Guys,

Kelly was actually from Season 5 (two years ago), the year Taylor Hick won -- and I only know that because of the often-mentioned love and affection my 9 year old has for her co-Idol Bucky Covington (whom we are going to see tomorrow night). He's actually doing really well, having made some breakthroughs on the country charts, and he's up now for a CMT award next month. That was also the season of Chris Daughtry, who has obviously gone on and done super well...

I'd say that is probably the best all-around season they had. Entertainment-wise DURING the show, and after the contestants moved on with their lives.

Do I watch AI a lot? Yup. Um, am I a registered user over there...? Um, yup!

Ciao for now,

P.S. Just learned, coincidentally, that Bucky is going to be appearing on this coming week's elimination night on A.I....guess it's a little feature on the several idols who have settled down in the Nashville area....

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