I couldn't believe how much the judges were "pimping" Archie -ALL of them. A Knockout? Hardly. The way things were going, Simon probably would have criticized Cookie doing "Billie Jean" as "predictable", although how predictable was "Imagine"? I was bored listening to him sing it. The judges actually made fools out of themselves, IMHO, because they were SO obviously pimping their or the producer's fave.

I do think that Cookie wasn't as concerned about winning and therefore didn't go full out that last 1/4 mile. It's possible he also knew that the winner had been pre-selected. #2 may actually have a bit more artistic freedom with whatever deal they get. That said, I will buy Cookie's CD and won't buy Archie's. Maybe the tweenies will buy it.

Sorry about your song, Perry. It's a good song and maybe Syesha will record it. You just know she'll get a deal as well.

I will bet they have set a new record for number of votes. I was unable to get through ANY of the 3 numbers for Cookie (busy signals) until after 10:30pm - and I've NEVER had trouble getting through since I have an AT&T phone line.