Something else that was interesting was how little knowledge these kids had of the Beatles music. I think it's a telling indicator of how they've lost a generation of fans by not being available for sale on the digital services. A couple of them clearly had reverance still for the Beatles, but many didn't know them from Tony Bennett. (In fact, some may actually know Tony Bennett better since he's still active). I'm sure it's all about power and control and waiting for the ultimate huge payday in the marketplace, but do these guys need the money still? Heather Mills aside, you'd think they'd want their music out there like all other artists and frankly I don't hear it on the radio as much anymore and few kids are listening to it on their ipods.

They say the graveyards are filled with irreplaceable men (that's paraphrased), and I wonder if 100 years from now the Beatles will be quite as known still as we assume they will be. This generation gap goes a long way to shooting that down. By the time they ARE available, they may be as unhip as Elvis has also become to many.


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