I can't believe no one has posted on this thread since Friday. You'd think we all had lives or something.

Anyway, I missed the first part of last night's show and turned it on during Jason's "I Shot the Sheriff". I think Jason is going home this week.

I couldn't believe how much all the judges were gushing over David A. He does the same performance week after week. I think I have figured out why the judges are so crazy about him. He DOES listen to what the judges and mentors suggest, showing that he is capable of being molded into whatever kind of package they can see fit to market.

Syesha sounded pretty good, and I think she has a chance of doing stage-work or maybe even movies.

David Cook SHOULD be the winner, but then again, when I was working in radio back in the 80's, I once said on the air that I thought Cyndi Lauper was great, but she would never make the big time, so what do I know?

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