"Could he still deliver the message with conviction? Absolutely!"

...not a lot I can add to that really.

I guess it's not enough for a lot of people. I hear the same thing said about Mick Jagger all the time, too. "Jagger can't sing to save his life"...etc. Really? Name me one singer who you'd pick to replace Mick's vocal tracks on "Brown Sugar". You really think anyone could get close to bettering the sound of that record? ( I picked that song off the top of my head; the same is true of maybe a hundred others, but you get my drift). Is Mick what you'd call good technically ? Hardly. Is he a great vocalist? Of course he bloody well is.

I have to go now. I have a fit of the giggles; I just had an image of Josh Groban ripping into "Start Me Up" flash into my head.

All the best,
Steve R.

PS. I have to warn you all that if anyone starts on John Lennon's technical shortcomings it's going to be rapiers at dawn...