From American Idol suggestions for submitting a song before the March 31st deadline.

{{A simple vocal recording accompanied by a guitar or piano will be enough for us to hear if your song could work for American Idol. Our skilled production team can then work their magic and complete the musical arrangement around your song if you make it through to our finale.

I don’t have access to a professional recording studio. What do you suggest?

We’re not listening to the quality of the recording, just the quality of the song. Recording a basic vocal and instrument performance at home on your computer is good enough for us. If you need help creating a song file, follow our simple steps here.
My songwriting is a lot better than my singing. Will this hurt my chances?

Remember, we’re not judging your performance, just the song. Perhaps you know a friend who is more confident in front of a microphone and can help you out. If not, don’t worry, as a great song will always shine through.}}

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