Anybody watch Idol Gives Back? I did, and donated as well.

Memorable performances:

1. An amazing performance by Fergie with Ann Wilson and Heart doing "Barracuda". Fergie rocked out! Ann can still wail!

2. I have to admit, Miley Cyrus is a heck of an entertainer. She's not a virtuoso singer (she's only 15), but the gal has more charisma in her left hand...She has a LONG career ahead of her.

3. Terri Hatcher actually did a decent job on "Before He Cheats".

4. Loved Gloria Estefan's "Get On Your Feet"

5. Annie Lennox's "Many Rivers To Cross". I don't like how serious she always seems, but it was a fine performance.

6. Carrie Underwood's "Praying for Time". This was the absolute best I have ever heard Carrie sing. I was really knocked out.

I did not like Mariah Carey's song or performance of "Fly Like a Bird". As Simon probably would have said, it was self-indulgent and pompous. I have heard stories that she is not the nicest person to work with and she didn't come across as someone particularly warm and/or caring. However, Randy sounded great on bass... wink

I was very surprised to have the finale song be a gospel arrangement of a Christian Rock song called "Shout to the Lord" - where all the Idol contestants sang it.

By the way, if you download any of the "Idol Gives Back" performances from iTunes, the money goes to a charity. "Barracuda" was the only one I didn't see there. It will probably be on youtube in a day or so.