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If many of you would have had an opportunity like this when you were 21, I'm sure you'd have jumped all over it.

Man, I wish.
I wouldn't have been ready at 21.
No guts then. Way too shy.

I suspect there are some GREAT singers and entertainers outside the age bracket. I'd love to see a talent show that auditioned solo acts, bands, singer/songwriters with original material, the whole range of music, regardless of age.

Won't happen.

And wouldn't it be fabulous if they had "write your own song" week. HA. HA. HA. THAT would be a twist! (I get tired of all the cover songs, really.) It would be fascinating to see who can *really* cut it. Most artists tend to or want to write at least some of their own material. Why shouldn't they test that skill?

That'll never happen either.


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