Yeah, it was creepy that Paula started critiquing David A's second song before he sang it. Simon rescued her from total embarrassment.

So let me predict the future: Brooke will get voted off in one or two week, return to Arizona and be a soccer mom. Jason will get voted off in one or two weeks and will return home but will get a couple of guest appearances on Hanna Montana and Jake and Cody. He then will return to Rockwell Texas, sing weekends at the House of Blues in Dallas and get a bit part in a Jack Black movie.
Sayesha will leave the show thrid from the top leaving the two Davids. She will go back home, make some Nike commercials, move to New York and get a starring role on a new Broadway play called "American Idol" about a struggling homeless artist who lives in his car and gets his shot at the bigtime starring that kid with the fake Brittish accent who lived in his car and had a shot at the bigtime.
David A and David C will split the votes so thin on finals week that Ryan will say, "This is the closest tally in AI history". David Cook will then go home, sparing himself from the burden of being saddled with a terrible title (American Idol) and will go on to make albums and tours for the next 40 years. David Archuletta will have his biggest night on finals week, win narrowly, tour for a year homesick and lonely as the AI star; and go on to join Jason on an episode of Hanna Montana. He will then slip quietly into anonymity and live happily ever after.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein