OK, so I'm taking a risk putting myself out there as the overwhelming minority on the board, but to add balance.

I'm a huge Archuleta fan. I don't think he's arrived artistically by any stretch, but I consider him to have a unique vocal quality. I have bought every single one of his I-tunes songs. (But then, for context, I also love Clay Aiken and Josh Groban, just for the pure vocal ability)

I enjoy and respect David Cook, but to me, he sounds quite similar to any of 100 grunge, alt and contemporary christian artists (from SubPob stuff up to christian acts like MercyMe and 3rd Day.) It's a marketable, familiar sound, but not a new sound.

I can't think of anyone else that sounds like Archuleta, the mixture of classical purity and soulful runs, the high register with a bit of rasp in it. I hear a little Steve Perry, in the rasp.

Anyhow, as a pure vocalist, I think little David has the ability to be on Celine Dion's level, which no other AI contestent yet has quite had. With time. He's a young, not yet free, person. Let's hope he gets some time and space to use that instrument artistically.

But I thought I'd add a constrasting view.