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Are we the JPF Randy, Paula, and Simon or what? wink

Since I have a lot of R&B background, I'll go "David Cook was the dawg, dude!"

Interesting how we each saw/heard different things...

I think we all agreed that Luke should go home asap.

Danny N seems to be the wildcard with Vicki saying he's really bad, I'm in the middle, and Brian saying he's pretty good.

Chikezie - Vicki thought he was good, Brian thought he was only so-so, and I thought he was consistently below average.

For the girls, we'll see. Kady and Amanda need to show some serious stuff tonight IMHO.

It is interesting how we hear different things, isn't it? I've been trying to listen to vocal quality only but it is hard to assess in the moment without having several performances to watch. I'm more impressed (vocally) with those who use whatever they have well, than those who are pushing & straining to 'be' something.

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