Well, I guess I was given bad info about this week being Lennon/McCartney week. Maybe next week?

Here's my 1-10 take on the boys tonight - in order of appearance...read 'em and tell me why I'm wrong! wink

Luke Menard - 6 (Wake Me Up; it wasn't even good Karaoke on that cheesy WHAM tune)

David Archuleta - 9 (Another Day in Paridise; decent, but not spectacular this week)

Danny Noriega - 7 (Tainted Love; Only OK: he's on thin ice here)

David Hernandez - 7 (All Coming Back; a few bum notes, but not bad)

Michael Johns - 9 (Don't You Forget About Me; One of the best performances of the night and a good come back for him)

David Cook - 10 (Hello; This was the sleeper of the night: taking a Lionel Ritchie tune and rocking out on it. I thought it was brilliant myself)

Jason Castro - 8 (Hallelujah; very respectable, but not overwhelming performance)

Chikezie - 8 (She Builds Me Up; His best performance so far. I just don't think he's all that good to start with.)

I'd bet serious money that Luke will go home. He just doesn't have much charisma, is only a mediocre singer, and hasn't had a good performance since the auditions.

The 2nd guy to go home is kind of a toss-up between David H and Chikezie. Based on last week's vote, Chikezie doesn't seem to garner a lot of popularity. However, THIS week he was strategically placed at the end to give him an artificial boost in the ratings, so he will probably be safe for another week.

I think Danny is safe this week because he seems to get votes and people want to keep him on simply because he's "interesting". David has a little scandal going on which (right, wrong, or indifferent) I think will cost him some votes (he was a gay stripper prior to Idol). Personally, I think if the guy can sing better than anyone else, he should still get the votes, but that's getting off the track here...

So my vote for the 2 to go: Luke and David H.