Top This Week:

Syesha Mercado: She was the only truly good one of the night in what has to be the worst week of idol performances I can remember.

Kristi Lee Cook: She seemed a lot better than she actually was for 2 reasons-1 it was a horrible night and 2-she was better than most of her other performances and thus it seemed even greater

Michael Johns: When he first went, I thought he'd be at the bottom this week. But sometimes when you're the 3rd smartest kid in a really dumb class, you do well.

Worst 3: This was competitive.. because everyone sucked so bad

David Cook: He gets it for doing one of the most awkward performances I've ever seen by someone who otherwise can actually sing well. What the hell was he thinking? It was putrid!

David Archuletta: He sang worse than anyone, but he picked the best song, so he gets a boost over David Cook. But come on.. this kid gets worse every week. The emperor has no clothes.

Brooke White: She took the easiest song of the night to sing and sang it poorly.. not much else to say.. other than she also looked awkward doing it.

Also Rans:

Carly Smithson: She can sing.. someday she'll find a good song and do it well.. or maybe not..

Jason Castro: Only because he was reasonably in key was he out of the bottom 3. But his lame ass rip off of Over The Rainbow was a travesty. It was like putting ketchup on white bread and calling it gourmet pizza. And he has zero range. Ack.

All I can say about this week is thank god it's over.

I also remember last year their Idol Gives Back performances were bad. Annie Lennox, one of my all time favorites, was horrible. Hopefully this will be better.


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