I am mostly kidding of course. But I do think your perfect 10 rating of Asia'h and Carly is a bit puzzling. Asia'h exposed she's not in Syesha's league and Carly underchieved and put in a performance that no one with an open mind would really want to buy or hear again.

We all know that having the best performance in a given week doesn't mean you won't go home. You have to watch voting trends and know that folks typically lock into their favorite(s) so the favorite usually remain at the top of the vote pile. The only way to gain ground is to win over the voters from the last exile. But that won't usually be enough to catch you up to the top ones. That's why it's clear that David A. and Carly S. are going to sail into the final 4 no matter what they do between now and then. Ramiele is up there as well as Michael Johns on AOL. John's has so underperformed (and the guy can sing.. I've known that for 6 years) but he might slip some with the rise of David Cook. So right now, it's at least 50% likely that David A. and Carly S. make the final 4. And the judges know that and will be only so happy to be on those bandwagons to look as smart as possible near the end. I think Carly has the voice to deserve it.. David only has the charisma.


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