Hey Larry, what is it your smoking as you watch? hahahah.

The three strongest (based solely on the performance last night)

Syesha Mercado: Though she's no Whitney, she's as close as any of these AI contestants are going to get. And she's got huge charisma. I've felt she was one of the best from the start and tonight she gave us a peak of what she is capable of. Hopefully she doesn't split votes with Asia'h and get squeezed out early.
Amanda Overmyer: She HAD to nail this performance to have any chance to stay in the game. And she did. But she's also sadly just not good enough to really contend and she could still go home tonight.
Brooke White: I don't really think she's that great, but I have to give her credit for taking a song and making it her own. She's very limited in her range (like Jason Castro is on the guys side) but like him, she knows how to stay in her range. On a weak night, she was third best.

The Three worst of the night

Kady Malloy: Finally this useless nasty woman will be gone.
Kristy Lee Cook: The country lilt was okay, but it just showed us how much better it COULD have been if someone like Carrie Underwood had done the same performance. She's close but not there.
Asia'h Epperson: She also tried Whitney, but unlike Syesha, it was clear she was not even close to being in the league with Whitney OR Syesha. I think there's only room for one or the other and Asia'h is much weaker and less charismatic.

The Also Rans:

Carly Smithson: She's on auto-pilot. She'll be in the final 4 but this performance was weak. She hit the notes, but would any of you really buy that record or want to see that in concert? I sure wouldn't. It's time for her to stop cruising and do something great. She's a big under-achiever.
Ramiele Mulabay: It started off great (she's the only one who can sing in the low range and also hit the high notes) but she totally didn't connect to the song or get across any of the emotion that Phil Collins did. Isn't it funny how much we should all appreciate Phil Collins.. that drummer turned vocalist who all these power divas try to match but can't? It sure makes him look great.

So who should and will go home?

I think we can all agree that Kady is toast finally. The other selection is a crap shoot. On AOL the bottom 2 are Kady and Kristi Lee. Since they're splitting the blonde votes, they could cancel each other out and both be gone. I think Asia'h is another one that is a lesser of a similar match up with Syesha. Sadly, though Amanda did great and moved up on AOL to 6th place for the first time, she's definitely in danger as well. Did anyone else hear Ryan say "be prepared for the biggest shocker ever" or something to that effect? That would imply they know one of the favorite guys is going home. (Hopefully they don't already know which woman is going before the voting starts..) If there was a shocker on the guys side I'd say Michael Johns would be it. He's been pretty lame 2 weeks in a row and with David Cook raising his game, that's possible.

The final 12 is a big career step for these folks. And the top 10 means they stay involved through the end of the season and beyond on the tour. It would suck bad to get cut this particular week if you didn't deserve it. We have a lot of media favorites which are getting unfair attention and unfair boosts by the judges. If we removed that and voted fairly without the hype, this would be one of the most up in the air AI's ever. Sadly, they seem to be fixing and manipulating it to go the way they want. Ah well.. that's television.


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