I thought tonight was a very ho-hum night. Nobody really bowled me over. I think the best performances were David Cook, Carly Smithson, David Archuletta, and Syesha Mercato.

I don't know why Syesha isn't getting a better response. Even Randy didn't particularly like her. I thought Carly did great, too. I did agree with Simon's comment about her wardrobe - and her look. From the comments on the AI boards, she really needs to cover her tats. She's losing MANY votes because of that.

Brooke White and Ramiele were the really boring, weak performers tonight. Ramiele was at least pretty on-pitch, but is a forgetable performer. I think Brooke only hit about 1/3 of the notes on pitch - really, really bad.

Jason was OK, but strained on a few notes. Kristy actually was decent, but not outstanding.

I thought Michael did very good tonight, but it seemed a bit contrived in that I saw him looking for the "red light" camera a couple of times and then switching to look at the active camera. That made it seem like he wasn't really feeling the bluesy notes, but just putting on an act.

Here are who I think will be in the bottom three:

Ramiele, Syesha, Brooke

Who will go home tomorrow? Based strickly on tonight's performance, it should be Brooke, but she has been very popular lately. Ramiele has not had ONE outstanding performance, and is losing her loyal fan base, so I hope it will be Ramiele.