Big Jim! haha! You make me laugh! You always do! That is too funny! I like your picture. hehehe!! (We have the same sense of humor... ha! If you only knew the real me. I must keep that under my hat!)

I kind of like the rocker guy. I am not sure of his name but I really like his voice! I think he will be in the top few for sure! And I like the blond Carly Simon type girl that plays the piano, wears striped red and white shirts alot and gets teary all the time. Those are my two top pics right now. I think they will make the top five. But it is still early on. Time will tell. I just liked them for no particular reason.


P.S. I am a little sad the boy who lives in his car didn't make it any further but he copped and attitude at the end and shot himself in the foot. He seems immature. He couldn't even work with the band and backup vocalists on a song to perform with. That's not cool in the biz and I think that pretty much did him in. Too bad!

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