Actually I hope you are wrong that Mormons are voting for other Mormons because they are Mormans, though I am sure you're correct that some people are. Sadly, it's no different than using any other Prejudicial reason to vote for or against someone else. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Should I have voted for Luke because he was from Indiana? Should I vote only for the white males because I am one too? Should I have voted against those who don't share my sexual preference or religion? I certainly wouldn't. I think those who are the most entertaining singers should get the vote. I don't have a problem if someone say's they like a country lilt or a rock edge. That becomes about the music and not the person's characteristics.

Often society starts off doing prejudicial things that won't be offensive so they can later slip into more offensive things. Many wouldn't think twice about your comments.. but had you said something like "I won't vote for someone of this race or that sexual preference" more folks would be offended and take issue. It's very dangerous ground to walk on to vote for things not part of the scope of the competition. It's not "vote for your favorite religion, race, sexual preference or gender" it's supposed to be vote for your favorite singer. I think vocal style, range, approach, technique, mechanics, attitude etc. are certainly in that realm. Religion.. not so much. Sadly people are also all too comfortable to vote on level of attraction, weight... or other acceptable biases we have in every day life. I think when people go to those predictable stereotypes, they hurt themselves as much as those they are biased against. I've met and heard so many cool musicians who do things different than I would initially be interested in simply because I got past the easy biases both pro and con. This wildly different mix of finalists is a good thing. Hopefully some of those with the most actual talent and creativity will succeed going forward based on more that just their religion or lack thereof.


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