What a hideously bad week... Ack.

Top of the Night:

Syesha Mercado: She was heads and shoulders better than anyone else. The competition is clearly biased to get rid of her. No matter how many weeks she blows everyone away, the judges with their pre-written notes (which were exposed when Paula read her notes for both songs even before the second was performed.. notice how they moved on quickly to Simon...) always either trash her or downplay how good she was. Sad.

David Cook: He wasn't comfortable in the first song and I thought the second song was even weaker. His worst week of the competition. Still.. he was second best.


All three of the others were terrible start to finish.

Least horrible: Brooke. Her first song was a total trainwreck.. her second song was reasonably decent.

Almost the worst: David Archuletta. Again.. people.. this emperor has NO CLOTHES!!!! His breathy weak singing was particularly horrible this week. It's sick how Randy props him up every week. Obviously there's some financial incentive.

The Worst: Jason Castro wouldn't even make it on an average open mic night in an average club in an average town. I heard over 100 better male singers in the last 24 hours during JPF awards screening than him. (In fact, I heard hundreds of better singers than anyone other than Syesha... including David Cook on his best day).

This is clearly the worst American Idol Top 5 ever. The term Jumping the Shark seems to apply. I am sure the marketing machine will sell a lot of records, especially if Mark Cook wins. If David A. wins, they'll hit up the Disney crowd and the little girls will all get a piece of David A. in their Xmas stockings.. whahoo!



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