Brian, I actually haven't gone back and read this entire thread. I have somewhat scanned a good deal of the last few pages but I'm a little late to the JPF AI bashing party... smile

I'm glad to see Jason go but I have to admit. I've enjoyed him being on the show. Not because he was that good a singer but there was just something I liked about him. He kind of reminds me of the guy singing in the loft of the local Pot Belly sandwich shop - someone you don't really mind listening to but not necessarily someone you want to hear again. But he really should have been out of it a long time ago.

At any rate, it looks like you and I would have mostly agreed from the beginning. The judges might well be biased against Syesha but I'm surprised none of them, to my knowledge, have mentioned her lack of identity and I'm really surprised none of them have called her out for mimicking Tina Turner with Proud Mary. Be that as it may, she is a beautiful young woman and she definitely has ability. Hopefully, someone will pick her up if AI doesn't work out and help her realize her potential. It's there but someone needs to help her find it.

I kind of feel bad for David A. He's only 17 for goodness sakes. Why doesn't someone tell him to actually learn the melodies of these songs and stop trying to do the same vocal runs and the same generic melody for every song he sings? Really, if the judges are pulling for the kid, don't you think someone should pull him aside and tell him what he's doing wrong? He might actually be pretty good if he learned to diversify.

David Cook should be the clear winner of this group. He really is talented. He's good at making a song his own but he just needs to know when not to do it and/or when not to overdo it. Other than that, he should wrap this up in a couple of weeks.

Van Borden
a.k.a. Buzz Grudge