Oops. I was watching the Results show (which is on at 9 pm my time) and then, around 9:30, when I knew Brook & Syesha were bottom two... during a commercial break, thought I'd quickly try recording something to see how it sounded... and then next thing you knew, it was 10:05 pm.

Bottom Two


Brook really outstayed her singing ability, as has Jason. The fact that Jason was called first means, I think, that he had the most votes. Notice that Cook was third, underneath Jason and David A.

While I'm glad I missed the torture of watching Brook sing goodbye, I'm sorry I missed Neil Diamond.

I am still waiting for an explanation of why judging of the second round song was mentioned after the singing of the first round song. There was a pregnant silence after Paula began to read her notes for the 2nd song. Are the judges not judging what we hear and see? If not, why not. If not, how can we trust what they have to say. If, on the other, Paula thought she was judging the same song twice... I don't know what's going on there.

If Jason becomes the next American Idol... #@$%$#&%!

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