I think it's interesting to note that the 2 contestants with the least "industry" connections or experience were David Hernandez and Amanda Overmyer. Amanda in particular was 100% indie with zero industry connections or experience of any kind. Most of the others have either been signed to major labels, on tour with major label artists, on major broadcast TV shows, winners of large TV awards shows for younger artists and so on. Even Kristy was signed to a major label. Just an interesting observation. I was hoping Amanda could hang on one more week so she could do the tour and get the year long attention. It's far less likely she'll attract any industry interest finishing 11th. I don't recall ever hearing from someone who finished that low again, unless it was controversy.

Ah well. Obviously Carly didn't belong in the bottom 3. But she's just not getting the votes and it looks like aside from Brooke, this is going to be a sausage fest between David A and David C and Jason C.

Hey Marty, you ever find any critters in that underbrush? = )


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