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It was a much better night than I expected. The guys had an easier time since it was harder to directly compare them to Mariah.

David A - One of his better performances. He's still a favorite with the younger girls even though he's not an incredible singer. His falsetto was kind of weird - too whispery.

Carly - She finally covered her tats! I also noticed she smiled a LOT more than usual. It may be too little, too late for her, though. Decent performance, but I didn't like the liberties she took with the melody.

Syesha - I don't think the judges are "told" to vote a certain way, but I think they're all in cahoots as far as AGREEING that another above-average R&B singer won't sell CDs like someone who is more unique. For that reason, they continue to undermine this pretty girl who can sing AND work the camera.

Brooke - Wow, was this a trainwreck of the season or what? Once the bridge started, the tempo jumped about 10 bpm, her pitch went from bad to worse, and after she missed a couple of chords on the piano near the end, she was literally shaking. She knew how badly she messed up. She is only capable of getting the sympathy vote at this point and is out of her league. Let her go home, please.

Kristy - I have not been a Kristy fan and still am not, BUT she did a way better job this week than Brooke. She didn't take any chances, but had a "safe" performance. She'll last another week - she's a VERY smart girl in her planning. I would not want to play chess against her... wink

David Cook - Although he had some seriously pitchy moments during the first 1/3 of the song, the 2nd half made up for it. It was a cool arrangement. The guy deserves a record deal even if he ends up as #2. He's my current fave.

Jason - I can't think of a single performance of his where I wasn't bored. This didn't change my mind at all. I agreed with Randy in that it was a "campfire" performance - not idol-worthy. I thought the musicians over-played the arrangment. They should have played a bit sparser and it would have been more effective.

Best: David C and Syesha

Bottom 3 (prediction): Brooke, Carly, Syesha

My guess is that Carly will go home this week. The AI site still has a few detractors that think someone who doesn't speak with an accent should win (that prejudice may also have affected MJ). I think she is coming around both with her smiling and covering her tats, but she hasn't got the fan base that Brooke does and Syesha is prettier and at least as good a singer. The producers clearly want Carly off the show: Even though SHE's now covering up her tats, they got the cameras on her totally-tatted hubby to make sure nobody forgot.

Yep, I pretty much agree with your assessment. The best SINGER is Syesha, the best ROCKER is David C, the get-the-tweenie-hearts-with-my-heart is David A, and the get-the-teen-hearts-but-can't-sing is Jason.

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