First - Perry - congrats on making it to the top ten, and for getting THAT close to having your song sung on a major tv show.

Well, I was sort disappointed with tonight's show. I felt that David Cook either, stepped back to let the kid win... or knew that the die was cast. Not that he didn't perform well, he just didn't step out and wow me like he has in the past... and who knows, maybe it's better to be #2 & have a little more artistic freedom.

I felt they chose a rather limited song for him to perform in "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". There's so many songs he could have rocked, and while that is a nice song... just didn't thrill me. I found myself feeling slightly disappointed at the end of it.

He chose to sing "Dream Big" and I thought he put all of himself into it. Not sure if the song really sold "him" as a performer.

In his last song... he chose to sing something new, and did a good job of it.

In my educated opinion, David Cook has a very memorable voice, it's unique, it's his own. He is also a skilled musician. In both those areas he shines out & is a clear winner. He's not a cookie cutter model of someone else. His integrity and musicality will see him through and I think we will hear more of him.

David A - naturally they gave him the ballad he could sing sweetly, 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me'. I do think he sang it with his heart & soul. As I said, his voice is not as striking as David Cs in timbre. I also knew what he was going to do vocally before he did it. However, I felt he did put more of himself into the performance of his first song than David C did.

"This Moment" - was a better original song than the one David C sang, as it really seemed to fit the moment, and you could feel the audience responding to it - and really that's what it is all about, when all is said and done. He sang it to them and they soaked it up. It was sort of a la Josh Groban and showed some of the quality in his voice.

"Imagine" - I didn't think he sang this as well as he did the first time I heard it.

It was an emotional show to watch, a big moment for both these people. And whatever we think about the show, these two guys did their best to bring it. We all know David A will win. I suppose I will still hope that the superb talents of David C will earn him the Idol crown, but I doubt it.

PS - did anyone else notice that in the playback, the first clip they played of David C was off key, and they only showed verse sections without a lot of umph, and for David A, they played chorus parts/endings. Or was it just me?

Vikki Flawith: Songwriter/Composer, Singer/Voice Teacher


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