Yeah, I think we all see how commercial the show has become...yet we watch it anyways. One "story" I heard about Paula was that those were her notes from the dress rehearsal, which is why she had comments on "both" songs. She never has been the sharpest tack in the drawer.

I'm glad Brooke's gone. Was she crying because she was under the delusion that she might win? She's still going on tour and will probably get some sort of small label deal during that time. I listened to the 30-second bits of the CD she already produced on an Indie label and she actually sounds pretty good when she's NOT playing an instrument and after the vocals are tuned.

Next week, it will be between Syesha and Jason to go home. I'm going to vote a LOT for Syesha.

This is definitely going to be between the two Davids. David C is definitely the better artist of the two, but David A can probably sell a lot of CDs to the "tweenies".