I'm with you 100% on all your points tonight, Brian.

I knew Amanda would be saved, but was a bit surprised at Alaina over Kady. Yeah, both of them were surprised it wasn't Kady. Alaina is only 17 - she has some time to develop further.

I didn't think Robbie would make it very far, but was surprised he got cut so quickly, especially over Luke.

Jason Yeager was the "favorite" to go this week - and he did. I was a bit surprised to see Alexandrea go so soon, but I could tell she wasn't going to make to the finals.

Well, it does look like Beatles week next week - they finally got clearance on the entire Lennon/McCartney catalog. The rockers can do Back in the U.S.S.R, Birthday, Revolution, Get Back, Drive My Car, and probably a few others I missed.

I just hope that if somebody DOES sing "Yesterday", they do it justice.