I actually watched the show tonight with my kids instead of catching it the next day on youtube clips. (Wish Virginia had given Duke a better game since that was what I was watching during all the commercials.)

So which two do you think are safe? Nothing would suprise me about who gets voted off for the ladies.

I thought Amanda really rocked tonight - but a Joan Jett tune with no range is kinda wimpy for a singing competition. Hope she stays for a few more weeks anyway. And my daughter called in a vote for her. smile

Carly had a solid performances. I have to agree with Simon when he tells the girls to leave the Celine and Whitney numbers alone. If you don't have a 6 octave range with power from top to bottom and effortless transitions throughout then its going to come off as a lesser copy. If I didn't have the Celine version to compare to I'd probably be impressed.

Kristy was also solid. I don't think a guy could get away with the softer version of the Journey/Steve Perry tune but for Kristy the country lilt works.

Syesha and Asia'h (where do they get these names???) were reasonable but never had that moment where they put the song over - and they were singing tunes that have it built in. But again, they gave you Whitney Houston performances as the benchmark to miss. And Syesha missed big time with the head voice transitions.

Ramiele gave her best performance to date (one more name to wonder about but I understand this one came from the Phillipines) but never kicked the emotion into overdrive on her version of Against All Odds.

Brooke took a real chance with doing a Pat Benetar song and keeping it soft and acoustic. For me it didn't work. But I think it was good enough to make it hers and keep her hanging around.

Kady's version of Forever was awful - nobody really seems to be able to sell a Freddie Mercury performance but this wasn't even close.

So, to summarize: I'd send Kady home, and Syesha gets to go with her (for serving up those grating head voice "for you" notes that only a 20 year old Whitney Houston could do properly.)

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