hey Larry!

the great thing about David A. is that you can put his age aside and enjoy whatever he sings. i highly doubt he's going to take the predictable road of what has come of any past winners..

he has a few tricks up his sleve as far as just singing as well, that is my observation. right now he's just following along with things in the American Idolesque style.

when all is said and done, i believe he's going to break new ground as far as age range like-ability. yes, the girls his age like him and he can't help it.. the flip side is that he has a great attitude, he is humble and it comes natural to him.

at this point, i'd be surprised if he gets one bad comment from any of the judges rest of competition. i do predict a "could have a better song" choice factor within the next 3 weeks but that is about it, even then it won't matter.

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wishes and creative blisses...

Jill Sansores
(a.k.a. Just Plain Jill)