I agree.. that performance by Heart and Fergie was the best thing I've ever seen on American Idol. It wasn't that Heart was their best ever, I've seen them a dozen times live, but Fergie blew the entire roof off the place and you frankly couldn't tell she wasn't Ann Wilson in her prime. I have an entirely new respect for Fergie.. that girls can sing her ass off.. and ROCK no less.. she should re-release that as a duo with Ann. Heart's always been my favorite group (Bruce Hornsby is my favorite solo artist) so it was a thrill to see them in such good form.

The rest of the show was surprisingly well done and I agree 100% that the only real let down was Mariah Carey... the song was horrible.. her performance was limp and she even looked terrible. It was also nice to see Annie Lennox back in true form after her disastrous performance last year.


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