I guess I only know the Eric Clapton version of "I shot the sherriff" because the version last night was terrible. I don't know who to blame, Bob Marley or Jason Castro. I got the impression last night that Jason Castro was "begging" to go home! I don't think he wants to be there anymore and tonight (Wednesday) he finally gets the boot. Even his biggests fans couldn't ignore the mess. When he picked the most generic folk rock song possible (Mr. Tamborine man) and then didn't even bother to learn the words tells me this kid has had enough of the American Idol experience.

The last three standing all have carreers secure I think. Syesha on Broadway or musical theater, David Cook rock tours, and David Archuleta at Disney World, and on Disney TV. I don't think we will hear from the rest of them except perhaps Cristi Cook in country music and Jason Castro might make a comeback in a couple of years when he sorts out where he wants to go. Remember, his family are opera singers and he had only preformed live 5 times before he tried out for American Idol. He knows he is outclassed. He wouldn't even sing in front of his family until two years ago. That is why consciously or subconsciously I think he sabotauged his songs last night. Actually he has been doing that for the last three weeks.

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