I was distracted with the computer failures last night and didn't get to go back and evaluate the show as I usually do. So I am having trouble remembering the performances (which is by itself an issue eh?). From what I remember:

4 Best: (Based only on performance, not who will get voted off)

Ramiele M: She skipped the truly BIG notes and left them to the back ground singers.. pretty weak
Carly S: I thought she was a pale comparison to Ann Wilson though.
Syesha M: I thought Me and Mr. Jones was okay and probably more enjoyable, but not as "big" as the two above.
Kristy Lee Cook: He country tone was evident in the performance of a rock song. She's the lesser of the 3 blondes, but had the upper hand on this night.

The 3 worst:

Alexandrea Lushington: I like her.. but she was awful
Kady Malloy: Deserves to go the most, but won't.
Amanda Overmyer: I like her too.. but I think she might be in trouble. She doesn't do well in any of the online polls and this performance didn't like win any new people over.

The Also rans:

Asia'H Epperson: Underperformed
Alaina Whitaker: Also sucked. But I think she's one of the best potential talents among the girls and would most hate to see her go.

It's clear that due to buzz Carly Smithson is the most safe. Ramiele is also safe. None of the others has clearly demonstrated why they are better than all the others. Brooke is another fan favorite, so she's not going until later in the show, even those she has the least vocal talent of any female contestant left.

I think the ones at the biggest risk are Alexandrea Lushington, Amanda Overmyer and Kristy Lee. If that's true, I hope Amanda stays as she's the most intersting of the 3.

It's clear that the AOL poll isn't in synch with the actual talent and therefore someone who doesn't deserve to go is almost for sure going home this week. That often happens at this point each season. Last time around, I already knew who the top 2 girls and top guy were. This time around, I think it's clear who the fan favorites are, but not so much who the real most talented are. I think several will get a lot better than they are showing right now. And I think several who don't really deserve it will go forward. And that makes it fun TV right?


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