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MAY 13TH - TOP 3

Unfortunately, Syesha had a chance to shine but chose less than stellar songs. She has great vocal tone but makes wierd song choices & has arrangements that make her gravel around in the low end of her range, Why, when you could sing any pop song around, would you choose to sing Fever.

For the conspiracy fans, keep in mind that Syesha only picked one of the three songs and the one she picked was a 60 year old novelity song (Fever). But the other two were picked by a judge and producer and they were lame choices too. Her last song was so generically R and B, any voice could have been substituted for hers- they didn't do her any favors- and now she will be booted.

David Archuleta sounded great on his first number but his (personal) choice was awful. Did you check the lyrics on his choice?- The worst lyrics I have ever heard on AI.

Here is one way to evaluate the remaining two guys. You can imagine David Cook singing anything they throw at him; and they did throw a bomb at him with "First Time..." but, there are so many songs that would make you laugh if David Archuleta attempted them- in other words, David A is "limited" and David C is not. Who will win is a total toss up because the fan base is as different as candy and steak.

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